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Episode: 2 / 2

Durasi: 45 Menit

Kualitas Video: HD

Tahun Rilis: 2018

Shogo Kai (Yuji Oda) is a lawyer at one of the big 4 law firms in Japan. He is good at his job, but he is arrogant. Shogo Kai only thinks about winning and he thinks the only way to satisfy his clients is to win. He is getting close to becoming a senior partner at the law firm. Shogo Kai’s boss worries about his focus on winning above all else. As a condition of his promotion at the law firm, his boss asks him to hire a young lawyer as an associate. Shogo Kai interviews prospective young lawyers and meets Daiki Suzuki (Yuto Nakajima). Daiki Suzuki has high intelligence and his memory ability is amazing. When Daiki Suzuki was a child, he lost his parents in an accident. He was then raised by his grandmother in Shizuoka. Because of financial difficulties, he works part-time jobs. Daiki Suzuki was eligible to take the bar exam at one point, but he got caught taking university entrance exams for other people. He was then expelled from high school and banned from taking the bar exam. After moving to Tokyo, Daiki Suzuki takes part in petty crimes to make money, like taking exams for other people. He needs to make big money though because of his sick grandmother. He faces the biggest crisis in his life and then meets Shogo Kai.